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Raymond Thomas Pronk's Podcast
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Category: News & Politics
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February 17, 2018 12:39 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1032

February 13, 2018

Story 1: General Flynn Did Not Lie To FBI According To Former FBI Director Comey -- Department of Justice Railroaded General Flynn -- Videos --

Story 2: Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice Last Minute Inauguration Day CYA (Obama) Email On Russia That Obama Wants Investigations By The Book -- No Not The Law -- Yes The Book was Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 14, 2018 06:43 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1031

February 12, 2018

Story 1: President Trump's Infrastructure Framework/Plan -- More Federal Government Spending of $200 Billion Over Ten Years With $1.5 to $1.8 Billion From Local Public Private Partnership Poo Pourri -- Unconditional Guarantee Stink Free -- Videos --

Story 2: President Trump's Fiscal Year 2019 Budget An American Budget -- Huge Government With Massive National Debt and Unfunded Liabilities and Obligation Until Debt Bomb Blows Up -- Hundreds of Trillions -- The Great Default and Inflation -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 14, 2018 03:33 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1030

February 9, 2018

Story 1: Obama Destroyed The Democratic Party and Trump Destroying Republican Party with Out of Control Federal Government Spending By Signing $400 Billion Bipartisan Budget Busting Bill -- Night of Financial Infamy and Flooding The Swamp -- The Tea Party Movement Will Rise Again and Form A New Political Party -- Independence Party -- To Challenge Big Spending Democrats and Republicans In Primaries and General Elections -- Videos --

Breaking Story 2: Russian Conman Bilked U.S. Spy Agency of $100,000 for National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Hacking Tools and Trump Information/Video  -- Videos --

Story 3: Dueling Memo Madness On Abuse of Power By Obama's FBI and Department of Justice In Misleading Foreign Intelligent Surveillance Act (FISA) Court -- President Trump Blocks Democratic Ten Page Memo For Including Numerous Classified Intelligence Sources and Methods -- Resubmit Without Compromising National Security -- Appoint Special Counsel To Investigate DOJ and FBI Contempt of FISA Court and Abuse of Power By Obama Administration In Spying on Trump Campaign and American People By Intelligent Community Including FBI, NSA, and CIA -- Clinton Obama Conspiracy Exposed --  Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 12, 2018 08:09 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1029

February 8, 2017

Story 1: Count Down To Shutdown and Defeat of Bipartisan Budget Busters Bill -- Reactivate The Tea Party Movement Now -- March On Washington -- Form New Independence Party To Replace Big Government Budget Busting Democrats and Republicans -- Fiscal Responsibility: Balanced Budgets -- No More Deficits -- Permanently Shutdown 8 Federal Departments -- Videos --

Story 2: FBI Informant On Uranium Deal Disclosures To Congress: Russians Attempted To Buy Influence With Bill and Hillary Clinton For Approval of Sale of Uranium One Deal To Russians -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 11, 2018 01:23 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1028

February 7, 2018

Story 1: Two Party Tyranny of Big Government Parties Passes Senate Bipartisan Budget Busters Bill -- Would Add Over $1,000,000,000,000 In Deficits and National Debt In Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019 And Even More in Unfunded Liabilities/Obligations Burdening Future Generations -- Federal Government Spending is Out of Control -- Spending Addiction Disorder (SAD) Congress is Beyond Obese -- Vote Out Of Office All The Democrat and Republican Big Spenders  --  Tea Party Time -- Videos --

Story 2: Clinton Obama Conspiracy To Fix FBI Clinton Email Investigation and Exonerate Clinton and Spying on Republican Presidential Candidate and President-Elect Trump Using Democratic National Committee and Clinton Campaign Paid For Opposition Research Based on Russian Government Salacious and Unverifiable Disinformation Summarize in Christopher Steele Dossier   -- American People Demand Appointment of Special Counsel Now! -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 08, 2018 04:55 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1027

February 2, 2018

Story 1: FISA Memo Released By House Intelligence Committee Summarizes Abuse of Surveillance Powers By FBI and Justice Department -- Release All Documents Including Warrant Applications For Both Carter Page and Papadopoulos To Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court  -- Appoint Special Prosecutor to Investigate FBI and Department of Justice for Corruption and Malfeasance By Their Leadership -- Partisan Plotters Vs. American People -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 06, 2018 08:35 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1026

February 1, 2018

Story 1: Trump Booming Economy in 2018 Continuing Into 2020? -- Economic Policies Have Consequences -- Boom -- Bubble -- Bust (2018-2022) -- Videos --

Story 2: Memo Madness -- Waiting For House Intelligence Committee Release of FISA Memo Outlining FBI/DOJ  Plot  To Spy on American People Based On Clinton Campaign Paid For Russian Disinformation in Phony Christopher Steel Dossier -- Clinton And Obama Crimes Against American People --  American People Demand The Release of Memo and Supporting Documents And Appointment of Special Counsel -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 02, 2018 04:17 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1025

January 31, 2018

Story 1: Part 2--President Trump State of The Union Address -- Getting Better All The Time -- United States of America -- USA -- USA -- USA -- Grand Slam Home Run -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


February 01, 2018 08:14 PM PST
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The Pronk Pops Show 1024

January 30, 2018

Story 1: Part 1--President Trump State of The Union Address -- Getting Better All The Time -- United States of America -- USA -- USA -- USA -- Grand Slam Home Run -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


January 31, 2018 05:53 PM PST

The Pronk Pops Show 1023

January 29, 2018

Story 1: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Steps Aside Before Retirement In Early March -- Heads Will Roll At FBI and Department of Justice When Details of Plot Are Exposed In Damning Detail -- Who Is Next? Bill Priestap – FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Head -- and James Baker, Former FBI General Counsel -- Videos --

Story 2: House Intelligence Committee Votes To Release The 4-Page Memo On FBI Plot Against Candidate and President Trump -- Videos

For additional information and videos:


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